Bleach Bright

BleachBright Teeth Whitening

Beautifully tanned skin and a gorgeous smile go hand-in-hand.  The BleachBright system is capable of whitening both the upper and lower teeth bleach brightsimultaneously with one, 20 minute visit!

The BleachBright 20 minute system is revolutionizing the current teeth whitening marketplace! You now have the ability to cosmetically enhance the whiteness of your teeth, within a matter of minutes. You will enjoy this simple, self-managed procedure without having to pay the high costs associated with current dentist procedures.

Whiter teeth in just 20 minutes.  The perfect solution if you have an important event coming up — reunion, wedding, ceremony — and you don’t want to have an expensive dentist procedure.  Come on in to Bella Bronz Tanning and ask how you can get whiter teeth in just one visit!.

How does the BleachBright teeth whitening system work?

It’s quick, safe and easy to do …. Simply place the BleachBright bleaching tray prefilled with gel to the teeth, direct the LED bleaching light to the front of the mouth and press start.

Is BleachBright teeth whitening system safe for sensitive teeth?

BleachBright is safe for all to use. The unit comes with 3 degrees of light intensity, perfect for those who may have sensitive teeth. BleachBright uses an exclusive, perfect fitting mouthpiece pre-filled with bleaching gel solution to ensure a comfortable teeth whitening experience.